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Complete recode brainstorming...

Server Guard 2

Need to get back on this...


Concept idea, for the future.


Concept idea, for the future.

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Community manager for g m o d s t o r e. He's a great programmer who strives to learn something new every day. Go say hi to this weeb.

About me

Computer Science major specializing in full stack web development. Began an interest in development at age 14 changing classmate's facebook avatars and descriptions into humorous little creations. I am 19.68 years old and going to die in 67.62 years.

I'm not religious. I'm anti-stupid. I'm a practical realist.

I love crude humor, music, the cancer crew, writing, analyzing statistics and food.

I've developed for...

Server Guard 2
Currently working with the ThrivingVentures team on ServerGuard 2.
Superior Servers
Created a loading screen. Became a CSS monkey.
Digital Delta Gaming
Created a homepage. Did some loading screen plumbing.
Monolith Servers
Made a store page. Still working on stuff.


Services are closed until projects are completed.

Each service is built from scratch meaning no two jobs will ever be alike. Prices are always negotiable.

As a service becomes available, the client will be able to customize the package, submit a design and await a response through steam or email.


estimated price

design provided by client

These prices'/status' are live. Once a package is reserved, this table will update.
Service Price Availability Clients
Loading screen $15 Closed -2/5
Portal page $15 Closed 0/3
Homepage $30 Closed 0/3
Forum theme $40 Closed 0/2
Forum theme $80 Closed 0/1
Portal $100 Closed 0/1
Forums $120 Closed 0/1
Forums $150 Closed 0/1
Community Website $300 Closed 0/1
Community Website $350 Closed 0/1
Commercial Website $450 Closed 0/1


scriptFodder garbage
service based



How can I contact you?
I have a few questions about web development.
Why did you remove me on steam?
Why aren't you accepting my friend request?
When are you going to update your scripts?

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